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Do you know what you're fighting for? Have you the burn of the aching for something different, something spiritually Understood in every way. Hard face, no shine, hard heart with a narrow mind. Blank and shallow, lacking color, lacking faith that there is another way to live, way to breathe, way to walk, a way to see. Not in alliance, but in defiance of the hatred we're taught to breed. I see a clear line drawn, a generation that's gone wrong. Have you found what you're looking for? Have you the burn or the lack there of, for something different, something you're meant to be? go you know what you're looking for? I see a clear line drawn, a generation all gone wrong. I see a back that's turned to what we're searching for. What you're taught and what we're beckoned to is not absolute, so why follow what we don't know? You are your own, weighted and balancing, judgement of truth when the ego is let go.

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