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Versuri Is Anybody Out There

If I could change the things I've done Would I be the only one To with again if only I could take your pain away And think of better, better things to say The highest price I'd gladly pay For you to live, just golden days, golden days, golden days So celebrate the moment now, have all that you desire We'll keep each other warm, together we'll weather the storm The children are dying and nobody's crying There's got to be something out there, someone who cares Got to be something out there * Give me real life, the worry and the strife I'll throw it out of the window, to the dogs below So come with me I'll guide you through wardrobes of fantasy And treasure chests of what could be A world without anxiety A legacy of golden days, golden days, golden days Leave it all behind the blind leading the blind Have all that you desire Gotta be, gotta be someone out there Let's break the rules scattering the jewels Of joy amongst ourselves The lonely, lonely of the shelves Feel good about yourself, I'll drink to your health Have all that you desire (REPEAT)* I'm looking for something, and I don't know what it is

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