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Versuri Black night white light

(Gill/Johnson/Nash/O'Toole) We are the leaders And nothing can beat us I feel so good The angels can take you there You better beware Of devil may care *Tell me where you want to go We are the leaders Heaven's above and Hell's below We are the leaders Oh sing hallelujah sing hallelujah Giving it to you We are the leaders **Black night white light The other side of midnight The pleasure seekers Are dyin' to meet you They need young blood The devil may take you there You better take care You've every ware *(Repeat) Chasing the dragon Get off that wagon boy-yeah Rub your body up Work it up so good Got to get on up Going up show it off-yeah **(Repeat twice) We're on a journey Into the light it feels so good Your mind can take you there With what is the call Of body and soul Your body and soul

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