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Versuri Inexpectation

Light me on fire again with the words you use from a friend I won't say the things I抎 like to say to you I won't do the things I抎 like to do with you Light me on fire again take a breath be happy don抰 pretend as I say the things I like to say to you as I do the things I抳e always dreamed to do with you As you watch me drown take my life support away Leave me on the ground With the sun to kiss my face You came to me at the worst time and made the best time of my life Unprepared I fall over every moment made So speak to me silently blow my mind away and I promise not to be so careless And fall over every word you say I am waiting on your next line To come over me and take control I am waiting run over me And if I fall asleep at the wheel will you take control of me

Inexpectation versurile cuvintele muzica straina cantece versuri piesa Eleventeen. Cuvintele versuri descarca piesa cuvinte album mp3.

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