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Everyone has their love stories to talk about so here is mine packaged real neatly and delivered I just cant get my head out of the clouds cause I抦 floating around I抦 just dreaming I just cant keep my feet upon the ground cause I抦 running around I抦 just screaming What have you done to me you said that you抎 fulfill my dreams What have you done to me But I'll be all right any way if you promise to return this broken heart to me I'll be ok And these dreams that turn to nightmares are tearing me apart These dreams that turn to nightmares are tearing Cause I抦 in the air I抦 in the air with no plans of coming down But you tore my wings you tore my wings apart I just can抰 pick my head up off the ground I抦 just laying around going crazy I just cant get my head out of the clouds I抦 running around I抦 Just screaming Don抰 stand don抰 sit so close to me I cannot clear the thought of being me

In The Air mp3 muzica straina album versuri melodia cantece muzica cuvinte. Versuri piesa melodiei Eleventeen.

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