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Versuri I Wanted Your Heart

I wanted your heart for the last time I want to be in your bed I want your words to colour all that's been said I will love you when the devil is blind I wanted your heart you didn't want mine This is as close as I get as I ever get falling for things I never thought I'd find myself falling for as close as I get Old ladies on the pavement in the dense and empty hours all as hard as nails and brittle as pressed flowers I was cold at an equally cold place a cigarette between the flame and my face you were laughing like the goon squad in my heart This is as close ... I wanted your heart What do you think about what I think about! truths that are lies when you spell them out don't worry don't betray the slightest emotion yes I know it's a separate emotion As close as I get versuri I Wanted Your Heart piesa versuri asculta. Mp3 Magazine cantece mp3 muzica straina asculta versurile.

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