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in the corner of your eye i'm loitering with intent you can tell me to move on cos all of my moneys spent you're not such a big girl small world isn't it ask me what I do sometimes I stand sometimes I sit now you tell me so its touch and go - for now when i think this thorough we'll touch and go - oh wow you're living a big story a party to all kinds of things inventing excuses discovering new sins you take a thousand licensings with me they're saying that the price for this kind of instant intimacy now you tell me so ... we are still cavemen living in dark hearts plotting your planets scheme i'm fighting our rows with screams fist keeps the denim red you taking pleasure seriously you offer me your head are you trying to catch yourself eat do you want to walk all over me do you want to close me in now you tell me so ...

Magazine ultima melodie ultima melodie. ultima melodie versurile asculta cantece versuri versuri versurile versurile cantece muzica straina Touch And Go ultima melodie.

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