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Sometimes I hyperact At least behaviours indicate That something's not intact Concerning habits that relate To lack of understanding It doesn't matter for your part But I still try to handle My surplus energy - that's hard I'm watching your movements It appears so strange to me All actions - slow motion These images I see Maybe I'm more than acting hyperly I am surrounded by a floppy lethargy Organizing facts Order nice in fact All I make Speed of dream is low Not until I know That I'm awake Try to pass my time Try another rhyme Pencils brake Hard to hold a move I can never prove What it takes Puddle in my mind In another kind A bigger lake Reorganizing facts Reorderd nice in fact Speed up to my dimension versuri melodiei melodia Disharmonic Orchestra muzica straina cuvinte. Muzica versurile album ultima melodie cantece I Hyperact piesa versuri cuvinte.

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