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Versuri Feel Like Fever

I thought you were alive You're no use to anyone The moment you arrive All the deeds are done I'm heading for a break Laughter from the ground I'm down in deepest freeze I'd feel like fever now When something goes reverse It makes me want to puke Before scratching my back What was I thinking of I thought I was you I thought I could spend my life For a break From the ground In deepest freeze I'd feel like fever now I go reverse I want to puke I scratch my back I'd feel like fever now I feel like fire now What time did you see it happen One face in a purple frame Your crime is your radiant passion A black border around the name Thin blue line red light flashing the silent rules of a lonesome game I had to get away I checked it more than once

Versuri Feel Like Fever muzica straina melodia cuvinte mp3 versuri cuvintele asculta. ultima melodie album Disharmonic Orchestra cuvinte.

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