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Hook - (Christine McLean) How do you feel now taht you know you cheated on me Was she as good goody goody good as can be How do you feel knowing that I know And how do you feel cause I'm out the door And how do you feel knowing that I cheated on you to (Christine McLean) And did she get you open with a 69 Doggystyle that's from the back and from behind Now did she do you well Did she go down low Did she take it fast or did she take it slow See my guy he did me and he did me well He kissed my lips He touched my tits and then my panties fell With some cherry jello and the cool whip cream I feel man dick go up inside of me Hook (Christine McLean) Now did she get you open with a second round On the bed the chair or maybe on the ground Was it as good as good as you though it'd be Did the skinny amateur even compare to me When my guy got finished with his love and flow He showed me many many things that you didn't know And by the time we reached found 44 It took his time laid me down and we made love some more Hook (Akinyele) Ha now I didn't even mean to cheat on your pussy I found another lady who said she'd fuck me for free And I didn't even like have to eat her out The first thing she put this dick up in her mouth Now I'm not saying that I was loving the chick I was a little astonished from the way she ws sucking the dick Do get me wrong later on I'll probably be fucking the chick Get on some Donald shit Then start ducking the chick Now the motherfucking moral of the story is You cheat on me I'll cheat on you that's just how it is My new sweetie she know I don't come speedy Before she give me long head like Nephrotite Now what we do with me and you don't go tell he or she Keep it to yourself like Monica Lewinsky So we don't blow trial Or get caught up When we cheating in the night cause we get hard up Keep the guards up When you creeping through Cause all the bitches that cheat this song's for you And all the niggas that cheat this song's for you And everybody that cheat's this song's for you It goes Hook (Both) 4x Don't trust no nigga or bitch that calls you the word boo Cause they might be cheating on you

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