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(Akinyele) - Hook You I'm from New York And connected with my down south niggas Here this year My nigga rap bone came to tear the club up Yo my nigga chock came to tear the club up My nigga joelle came to tear the club up And this shit here should get all the thugs up It's for (the money makers) What (the booty shakers) Yea (my real niggas) And fuck who (the playa haters) Yea (the move fakers) Ha (the immitaters) Yo this is for who (the money makers) Yea (the booty shakers) Ha (my real niggas) Yo and fuck who (the playa haters) Yea (the move fakers) And the motherfucking (immitaters) (Rap Bone) Now where I'm from these niggas dobn't pimp they pro Nautica shirts game hats And nice sweats And litle niggas got through the mall like packs of wild animals Anticipating the showdown In my town Pretty (?) bitches get fucked Then they stock just drop They rpops go bankrupt So tell me who's pimping heartless From Jacksonville to Charlotte I got some (?) goddesses On our twenty, many A late lonely night We coming back from some hype shit Like FreakNik Possibly Daytona Chilling with hook dogs Smelling the aroma Drinking wine, from 1989 I'm blinding in the dinette set And let the sunlight shine Making vows to remain for ill and tight Throughout all space and time So from here to 19 ninety something My word is as money I hate to hear my real niggas hungry So I'm going to represent with my shit And hit the public All types of angles Strangling niggas With electric car wire And calling out the frauds like we fucking on fire Hook (Chock) Now most chicks get they back blown When I let my act roll Conference on a track phone I chock and rap bone Joelle will pack chrome All through your back zone And I'm no thug But will still aim at your black dome And bust you In a honda Or if I need to Augusta You bet we going to get crunk We pressure in a trunk When I catch second hand from your dank whenyou flame your skunk Then take all your bank in the game we tunk I'm drunk, I guzzle VS, in a bubble GS All chrome double BS So on top look like a brother with DS Down Syndrome But if you want to find me come around wisdom How do I say this calmly You a clown kid son And you need a check up so go get a papshmere And if stripped to my wear I'd have two gats bare Only a few cats clear On how I do that there (Joelle) I wreck yous down like molecules When I play them fools I'm just that little nast nigga With the ladies sneaking on the jewels The voice is calm But my words are strong Like hurricanes I might spit A little cum shit But it won't stop me from doing my thang I maintain When I slangs >From my native land Upstate South Cleve West Anderson It's unexpected They expect it just the same Just get in line Like Carolina's in the (??) We can't be wrong Growing up down here You didn't worry about no ride or no high priced gear You got to boogy say boogy Rode in like a champ Wearing fake gold chain and no shirt is how we pimp On all sides The north south east and the west To niggas got keys got pain got fresh Fresh went to dope And dope went to fat Next thing you know the fools are busting all the gats Except the parts So you had to deal before dark Smoking weed in the club They don't dance they just just party Drinking cold malt liquor Country ass niggas Booty shaking Shake To make them asses move quicker I picture that We dirty like floor mats Ride in the sports coupes big jeeps fly Hook (Akinyele) I go down south to bust a nut On a down south slut Look her in the face and tell her girl I want to FUUUUUCK She be like SHIIIIIIT There Ak-nel go with that New York DIIIIIIICK Here take a LIIICK I beginning grinning Cause I'm ready to hit it up (?????????) Point to the light She be like I going to go flick it up I'm gorilla like king kong While you niggas is little monkeys like Mighty Joe Young Out of town I know crackers with correct ID In other words I95 is where you find me And buy guns from me In exchange for crack Road maps Got me transporting gats >From the north And the south tackle that Bringing it back To my New York money makers Who smoke a lot and get high like sky scrapers Down south i know girls who straight want to rape us My niggas Rap Bone and Chock here to tape us My nigga Joelle got some bitches flying in from Jamaica I got some girls in LA who play like the lakers Shiiiiiit Because Hoes R Us Everywhere we go mad love they show us Even girls who don't know us Want to suck our dicks for us Hook

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