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[Missy] This is an old school Missy exclusive Look I ain't on no ra-ra shit You dont wanna test how far Miss get Me and Tim's cars got kits But we don't drive around trying to prove you shit Everyone trying to be that bitch but there can only be one bitch, make hits I know I must make y'all sick Cuz Everytime I spit you beg to quit I used to drive a six And now I drive a mercala gold and shit On the plush gold seats to sit And I own my own click Man I must admit And my S is it Misdemeanor have you seen she the best it get And those who try to test this chick Where they at right now in peace restinin'

Melodiei asculta cantece versuri cantece Hot cantece cuvintele versurile ultima melodie. Versuri Missy Elliott ultima melodie descarca Hip-hop muzica muzica straina.

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