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Intro (Cheeky girls, right now, hip hop, here we go) Hip hop, hip hop, hip hop that's what we want Verse We are two girls are here is this boy We don't know how to split him in two I want to be cool you should do the same The story begun I can't see the end Bridge Ooh let's put on our hit hot pants Ooh , I feel so good Ooh let's go out and watch the stars Ooh, just me and you Chorus Hip Hop is what we want a little hippy hippy hop uh uh Hip Hop we hit the spot That's what we want (repeat) Verse I'll stay with you, he won't do that Life's too short to fall out on him Throw up a coin and let's see what it says It stays up he's yours if it comes down he's mine Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus Middle 8 I like hip hop, go for a drive Jump in my car and come for a ride (x2) Hip hop hip hop hip hop that's what we want Hip hop hip hop hip hop that's what we want Repeat Chorus

Cuvinte asculta muzica romaneasca melodia melodiei. Versuri asculta Cheeky Girls cuvintele Dance Hip Hop descarca album versuri versurile cuvintele mp3.

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