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Versuri Celebration

Verse It's your day, your special day We all are here to celebrate It's once a year your happy day The light goes out but time stays still Bridge There is no-one that can stop you Scream and shout it's so good Feel the beat and feel the music It is time for cheeky dance Chorus S.O.S. it's a celebration S.O.S. cos it's partytime S.O.S. it's a celebration S.O.S. and it's time for fun Verse It's your night, oh what a night Give me a kiss and we'll celebrate I'm just a girl, and you're just a boy All things I want, I want with you Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus Middle 8 Celebrate oh yeah Celebrate so good Celebrate let's go (repeat) Repeat chorus to end

Album cuvintele piesa muzica romaneasca. versuri Cheeky Girls piesa asculta album versuri mp3 cuvinte Celebration piesa Dance.

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