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Versuri High all the time

[chorus] I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris Tanqueray and Alize, I don't need shit Nigga I'm high all the time, I smoke that good shit I stay high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit Give me some dro, purple haze, and some chocolate Give me a dutch and a lighter I'll spark shit And stay high all the time, I smoke that good shit I'm high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit Everytime I roll up, niggas holla roll up, and I tell'em hold up, You ain't gettin money you ain't smoking In my Benzo, 20 inch Lorenzos, smoking on indo Hiiigh as a motherfucker I be on them backstreets, niggas know I clap heat, only if you got beef Man you better holla at me Niggas get locked up, stabbed up, shot up Everytime I pop up, a lot going on in my hood I shoot the dice, I holler get'em girls Daddy need new shoes Daddy need Perelli's to look mean on 22s Stash box, Xbox, laptop, fax machine, phone Bulletproof this bitch and I'm gone 2003 Suburban swerving, too many sips of Henny The D's sick, they searched the whip and they can't find the semis They was just harassing me cause they know who I was Spent the night in Central Booking for smoking some bud

Muzica asculta Hip-hop 50 Cent melodia versuri muzica straina mp3. Ultima melodie High all the time versurile cuvintele versuri melodiei versurile melodia mp3 cantece.

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