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High Wire Escape Artist Lyrics Bleed out all empathy this vessel has no spirit left to hold on to lies I've lived in full How long can I hold tight with every movement Tension binds and denies my true nature The Balance has shifted warped sick and twisted Grabbing at angels when I fall Because I am more than this idol endless recital For all my demons to applaud I am free Hide myself from it all while every fear is Screaming night into dawn until I find I have to believe them (lies) In order to attain fulfillment I have to succumb to (lies) All my inner fears that tear at me I will never believe them (lies) I'm sick of the weakness that controls me - Now that IΓƒƒΓ‚ΒΌve fallen - I will not repent versurile ultima melodie descarca versuri High Wire Escape Artist. Versurile Boy Sets Fire piesa muzica straina cuvintele mp3 versuri cuvintele cantece piesa mp3.

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