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Natalie Wood's ghost is haunting me She looks just like you It's a shame my tastes are getting so old So few You flew down to Baltimore With your brand new wings I stayed and filled my life with useless, useless things Doesn't really matter where we spend our time Two years ago Just another long goodbye Your words have frozen in a cold November rain Let me pretend that I don't care Kimberley watches from afar She won't stand too close Cause when I'm lost in my head Is when I miss her the most I wrapped you up inside my heart And folded you up tight Didn't realize you meant what you said Meant what you said Those days are over No more splendor in the grass Two years ago and it's fading fast It's all washed away with the castles and the sand Can't tell tomorrow by the lies in your head

Nine Days cuvinte descarca versuri versuri. Versurile melodiei muzica straina ultima melodie asculta Her Own Two Feet melodiei cuvintele piesa.

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