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Who's got time for faded words There's nothin' new we haven't heard I wish to hell that I could tell the truth From all the lies we keep inside Behind closed doors Inside our minds I pray to heaven, save us from ourselves Well, here I am Another day A lifetime's past since yesterday Still I am no farther than before Through all the roads and paths we walked Endless nights alone we talked Those miles will never mean a thing And I (I) never thought we had a chance So you (you) you should fly away, and I will fade Sometimes life can be so hard You do your best and still you're scarred I like you better than myself And on this point we disagree You give your love, you're never free For, break your heart is somethin' I couldn't help And I (I) never thought we had a chance So you (you) you should fly away (fly away) and I will fade (and I will fade) Have you got time for faded words I've somethin' here you haven't heard Wish to hell I could of told the truth Well, there's all these words I couldn't say A lifetime's past and gone away Still I am no farther than before And I (I) I think that maybe we had our chance So you (you) you flew away, so I will fade (I will fade) I will fade You flew away So I will fade I will fade versuri piesa piesa piesa album piesa muzica. Melodia muzica versuri ultima melodie Nine Days cantece Regrets muzica straina.

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