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Whatup BITCH? I'm Petey Wheatstraw And you don't stop, with the heidi heidi hoe Hi hoe, or bye hoe, if you're lookin for a sucker (What are you?) I'm just another motherfucker Pucker your lips, do flips like Mary Lou Just because I fucked you doesn't mean that I'ma marry you Bury you, I will do, after, I bill you Kill you, hoe, cause your shit smells like mildew Pe-ew, think you need some soap and a rag Or better yet Black, Flag, you scallywag Tag, I didn't mean to diss dis... hoe butt But you need to stay such, do not touch Much disrespect goes out to you And your parents, too, for havin you Haven't you been introduced to a douche I guess you said fuck footloose, and got pussyloose No juice, you shoulda dried up, like a prune-a Mister mechanic this place needs a tune up For the pink cadillac cause it's block is off And have more use, than a public park for recreation, givin up the body is a hobby I'm tellin Santa Claus you been naughty (sing it) Hoe hoe hoe, Merry Christmas Aiyyo JuJu, I just had to diss dis [Chorus] Heidi Heidi Hoe, huh, the Heidi Hoe All the niggaz know, yo the Heidi Hoe, c'mon The Heidi Hoe, hah the Heidi Hoe All the niggaz know, that you're a Heidi Hoe (Now bring it back brotha) Eni-meeny-meeny-meeny-meeny-meeny-miney-moe Careful to catch a tiger, after you catch a tiger you can catch a hoe, there's your hoe, kiss a hoe, fuck a hoe Diss a hoe, I'm Petey Wheatstraw from the Southside of Chicago Hablo ingles? I don't know espanol Joe I can go the line plus a hundred like Flo Jo Homo's a nono, so faggots, stay solo I roll my dick so it holds just like a Rolo Total recall, yeah I see y'all I see you, I see you're a freak too, so peek a boo I'm prickin you whether or not, took you out that's work see So get your skirt see, and bitch, dirty Curtsey, dosey-do out the do' slut This is what I come on, so slut you better grow up Slow up, you forgot your earrings here take em Salami beef and ham with the asalaam alaikum Like that hoe (that hoe) that hoe (that hoe) Dabba-da-dat, it's like that hoe [Chorus] Sittin on the dock of the bay, I say hoe Say hoe?! (Hoe!!) Do you know, do you know? Bo knows this hoe blows much much dick An undercover trick, a toe a tac a tic Naked at, frick-a-frat, plus her puddy wat C'mere k-k-k-k-k-k, yo c'mere you little puddy cat What, your booty black is so indespicable You squaw-pie, tack-haired, motherfuckin jiggaboo You can suck a dick or two or three or four or mo' here But first get curlin iron burns off your forehead My nigga Coe said, that you're an around the way girl You're fuckin everybody around the way, and been all around the world And you still can't find yo' fate But you had a couple of babies I mean a Bunch like Brady The lady is a tramp snake hoe yo and all of that Fuck her sixty-nine you get the eighty-six and don't call me back Your black ass bunion There's a party in your mouth BITCH, and everybody's comin [Chorus] - 2X

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