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(feat. Mary J. Blige) [Intro] [Common:] It's just a fly love song, what [Mary J:] Mmmmm [Common:] It's just a fly love song, what [Verse: Common] Are we living in a dream world? Are your eyes still green girl? I know your sick and tired of arguing But you can't keep it bottled in Jealousy, we got to swallow it Your heart and mind baby follow it Smile, happiness you could model it And when you feel opposite I just want you to know Your whole being is beautiful Im going to do the best I can do Cause i'm the best when i'm with you [Chorus: Mary J. Blige] Come close to me baby Let your love hold you I know this world is crazy What's it without you [Verse: Common] Put down your bags love I know in the past love Has been sort of hard in you But I see the God in you I just want to nurture it Though this love may hurt a bit We dealing wit this water love You even give my daughter love I want to build a tribe wit you Protect and provide for you Truth is I can't hide from you The pimp in me May have to die with you [Chorus] [Bridge] I know what you're thinking, you're on my mind You're right, you're right, you're right You promise so fast you just might take flight Hope your not tired, tonight, tonight [Verse: Common] You help me to discovery me I just want you to put trust in me I kind of laugh when you cuss at me The aftermath is you touching me It's destiny to we connected girl You and i we can affect the world I'm tired of the fast lane I want you to have my last name [Chorus] [Bridge (2x)]

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