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Versuri Hay Fever

Sitting by my stereo all alone My baby calls me on the telephone She says, Baby take me out for a dance I tell my baby I feel so bad I can't go out and it's making me sad But when you see me, I know you will understand I got hay fever, blocking up my head Hay fever, I ought to be in bed How can I dance when I can hardly breathe Wish I could cure this infernal allergy I got, hay fever blocking up my brain Hay fever, feel the sinus pains And all the pills and the powders are in vain Thought I was cured but here it comes again It goes ooh-ah The pollen count's getting higher and higher My eyes are sore and my nose is on fire My throat's dry now and I'm starting to perspire My stuffed up head's killing all of my desire I got hay fever, you wicked allergy, Hay fever, you put the curse on me and I've inhaled every know remedy I can't stay cool 'cos I'm starting to sneeze I can't make love when I can't hardly breathe We start to dance and my nose starts to bleed There must be a cure for this hay fever Is there a pill or a powder I can take I must get a cure, for my romance is at stake Hey fever, you tore my image down Hey fever, I must look like a clown I must have used every tissue in town I'm running round sniffin' like a hound It goes ooh-ah I wanna kiss but I'm sneezin' instead I can't make love when my head feels like lead How can I pose when my nose is all red We should be home, should be tucked up in bed But I got hay fever Hay Fever Hay Fever Hay Fever Hay Fever

Kinks versurile versuri album melodia cuvinte muzica. Melodiei Hay Fever versurile versuri asculta descarca cuvinte muzica straina.

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