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Versuri Have a good time

(Paul Simon) Yesterday it was my birthday I hung one more year on the line I should be depressed My life's a mess But I'm having a good time I've been loving and loving And loving I'm exhausted from loving so well I should go to bed But a voice in my head Says "Ah, what the hell" CHORUS: Have a good time Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland But I think it's all overdone Exaggerating this and exaggerating that They don't have no fun I don't believe what I read in the papers They're just out to capture my dime I ain't worrying And I ain't scurrying I'm having a good time CHORUS: Have a good time Maybe I'm laughing my way to disaster Maybe my race has been run Maybe I'm blind To the fate of mankind But what can be done? So God bless the goods we was given And God bless the U.S. of A. And God bless our standard of livin' Let's keep it that way And we'll all have a good time CHORUS: Have a good time

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