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Shirley down the street she gets so lonesome She calls around to men on the phone, some Hopin' one will show up at her door She don't care, just where they come from Where they've been, just if they want some Give it to her straight, she want to score She needs hard love Hard love She wants a hard love, just to make her day Handsome Bill sales cars for a livin' He's not the takin' kind, he's the givin' He likes his women real firm, and real tight Bill don't want no conversations, small talk or consultations He don't want no long relation just one night He needs a hard love He wants a hard love He needs a hard love, to make his day Chances are if you're feeling lonely And you miss your one and only You'll only care for that easy exercise You know what I'm talkin' about That no feeling in and out You gonna have to improvise If you want a hard love You need a hard love Hard love

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