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Christopher Clark, Of Music (ASCAP) HANKENSTEIN Midnight in Montgomery Full moon shining on a shack For a country music legend is about to be brought back Cledus got the idea from the late night creature feature And figured he would foller a similar procedure HANKENSTEIN Now laid on the table is the body of a man In a white suit Cowboy boots And a guitar in his hand He's hooked up to a tractor with a set of jumper cables And if anything could start a cold cold heart a John Deere should be able. HANKENSTEIN Now what's about to happen here is nothin' less than shockin With a record player in the corner blaring Hey Good Lookin' That foot began to tap along with that old 45 And you can hear old Cledus yelling UH OH HE'S ALIVE!!!!! CHORUS: HANKENSTEIN He's a honky-tonkin monster HANKENSTEIN He's a honky-tonkin monster HANKENSTEIN He's a honky-tonkin monster HANKENSTEIN In no time Hankenstein was mo-anin' the blues And Cledus has decided it's time to spread the news They'll hit the road and put on shows all over the nation Yeah, he's gonna be the next country music sensation HANKENSTEIN Everyone still loves to hear the tale of old Kawliga And they all sing and dance when he cuts loose on Jambalaya Playing on the Opry stage was his final test Now Hankenstein has become a monster success CHORUS Lovesick in a hotel on the Mason Dixon Line Hankenstein is sitting there so lonesome he could cry He's had it with the life he leads singing all them tunes Now he's out there somewhere honky tonkin howlin at the moon CHORUS HANKENSTEIN He's a honky-tonkin monster

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