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Parody of Breathe by Faith Hill (Holly Lamar/Stephanie Bentley) New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd/Chris P. Cream Clark/Jeff Carter SSSHHH I can smell the onions floating in the air Must be something that you ate I can't imagine how your mouth must taste Forgive me if I turn away The slightest whiff just brings me to my knees Almost pass out in your arms I need a gas mask every time that you come near And the halitosis starts I can smell your breath It's choking me to death The only who doesn't know is you Here's some gum to chew Er...Baby there's no way you're kissing me What you have for lunch? Don't you ever brush? Maybe a Binaca Blast or two is what I'd suggest I can smell your breath BAD BREATH!!!!! It's tough to be there when you're waking up And that green cloud fills up the room It's worser than it's ever been before And I know and you know And everybody in a three mile radius knows You should a dentist soon Cause I can smell your breath It's gagging me to death Something must have died inside of you What you ought to do Is chase a Cert or two With Listerine Even when you're gone The odor lingers on I'm buying you an Oral B and a jumbo tube of Crest Cause I can smell your breath Bad breath Can't you smell the fog that's floating through the air Must be something that you ate... SSSHHHH

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