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Versuri Gotta Get Away

Met a girl who worked at the chocolate factory She could get chocolate All of it for free Got up the nerve to talk to her And this is what she said: Get lost you little nerd or I'll kick it in the head (In the head?) Yeah! Kick it in the head! (In the head.) Boy got put down She put me in my place Eating all this chocolate makes me break out in the face Why oh why does it have to be this way I wanted to be with her but all that she would say was I gotta get away from you Kept on bugging her Makeing her irate She said that if I'd shut up she'd go out on a date Her manners, her hair, her makeup OH! I guess I promised I lied Ever since that night she follows me around If she doesn't stop it soon I'm going to leave town Why oh why does it have to be this way? I thought I could be with her But all that she would say was...

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