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Everybody pay attention to what I'm gonna say I'll tell you my story so you'll understand What it means to be broke, dropped, and fired in one day To wake up in the morning with the feeling that it doesn't matter anyway Once upon a time things were going my way Nothing ever happened that could bring me down Thinking that the good times were always gonna stay But it's been a long time since I've seen a sunny day Living in the burb's, waiting for the repo man To take away my car due to insufficiant funds I got nowhere to go, and my wife just ran away, With my lawyer and my credit cards, but that's ok, They never worked anyway Growing up I listened to my parents as they said: 'Go to school get a job, and then you've got it made' Maybe that formula worked back in their day, But I can tell you brother that a lot of things have changed Looking through the window on to the driveway, Watching for the repo man 24 hours a day, Stepping outside, I raise my .45 Giving up the future for today It never worked anyway, I' m wating for the repo man

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