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Satellite, oh, satellite Who sits upon our skies How deep do you see when you spy into our lives? I know that God lives in everybody's souls and the only devil in your world Lives in the human heart So now ask yourself What is human? And what is truth? Ask yourself Whose voice is it? That whispers unto you? From the cellars of your homes From the tops of your city roofs Ask yourself Whose voice is it? That whispers unto you? Who is it? That turns your blood into spirit and your spirit into blood Who is it? That can reach down from above and set yours souls ablaze with love Or fill you with the insanity of violence and it's brother: lust Who is it? Whose words have been twisted beyond recognition In order to build your planet Earth's religions Who is it? Who could make your little armies of the left and your little armies of the right Light up your skies tonight Now some of you may live and some of you may die But remember That nothing in the world can kill you inside For he is thinking of you In your great cities of great solitude Oh children you've still got a lot to fuckin' learn The only path to heaven is via hell Good morning beautiful, good morning beautiful Good morning beautiful, good bye world

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