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Versuri Gettaway

Verse One: Close your eyes Visualize Space and I verbalize You chastize But can't stop my enterprise Put your rhymes in a line Put your raps in a stack I'll break you and your singer like Jinga I mean um I spit like knee On you this tight thing Space nine enferno One verbs be frightening And for the sword fights tonight My entourage is in camoflauge Remove your mask Let down your visage But don't slip up Cause when I was in my ship That's when I get ripped up The whole world Fuck it G-S-E committee Got your panties shitty Click you sick Callosso with itty bitty Space and Missy Sip my style till your pissy Virgina bitch galactic Chorus: I be writing, writing, writing rhymes everyday Don't you say no more you don't want to battle Said I'm writing rhymes, writing rhymes everyday Don't you say no more you don't want to battle Verse Two: Mama, Daddy, you ain't, ready Act like you know me Fly, as friends be Sizzling, I'm chilling Man, you twisting You sissy, you dis me You wish we was fucking tight Auntie, Papa, Smoke lala Hallah, fala, don't bother to swalla This bottle of remmy, got plenty Of weed So give me, give me, give me, give me, give me, please See's, no one, fly like these Bees from over seas, we scratch our knees Please, little one, please You know my rhymes get tight When I smoke all night (chorus comes in) Chorus Verse Three: We high tech like Timbo's Slap faces of dirty hoes N-Y-M-B-A Dirty combo when we play Swirl like the milky way Deep like my black hole I oppose, to expose Chemical gases up your nose Fade away like ozone Quazars, moves and shit Hey yo Missy, where da clip? I think I need a hit Shitty bees up in da place Wanna be down with whoever Be all up in his face but aint even on the level I pull your wig back Let of steam like nasty pools That heat be to hot Melt down, now up in pot Count down, 3-2-1, lift off Now over tize, Venus we circlize And mars we tantalize Comatize like Hale-Bopp Smoking trees non stop Then I send a televize from satelite on Nightline Yeah, wouldn't you like to get away To the moon We shine like stars Lock down like metal bars Chorus My style is a one-in-a-million I flow on and on and on My rhymes give you a really good feeling All day long (repeat)

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