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I wasn't looking for an even ciew of you I wanted nothing more, confirmed When I met you Fucked up and lost for words, I knew I'd been reduced Brought down to serve a term, a splendid servitude you knew it wouldn't work, I knew it wouldn't not you had the upper hand, I fell and never stopped you barely even cared, that I had come undone My heart is coming loose.... And this is what I will do I do it for you, 'cause you, you do it for me And we, we got it all right, I can't, I can't let you get away Get away from me now So far I'm still around, right here and facing you we've had our ups and downs, and that's the painful truth I don't care if I, if I win or lose I just want to play, play the game with you I know it doesn't get any better than this How do I make you see that this is something you'll miss? I'm going to hold the door for as long as it takes I've never wanted more.... Reaching the shore, found by the ocean come so far we could fly Fly away, carry us, us away Blurry days, lapse of time, lost in our Get away

Cantece versuri ultima melodie muzica Get Away melodia piesa asculta ultima melodie melodia asculta. Cuvinte cuvintele muzica straina versuri asculta Limp.

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