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Can't afford a lesson, well I'll give you this for free Doesn't cost to listen, pay attention and you'll see The world's spins to tear you down and waits for your defeat focus on the center and don't skip a single beat It's your turn, what have you learned? Somethings gotta give, I've heard the cracking for sometime staring with intent will get you sore eyes everytime consider where you've been and where you'll end up if you fail Nothing's worse than loosing words, your honor, or your way Don't apologize to me I won't criticize your needs Don't apologize to anyone for anything Especially when it's what you mean consider this a part of what you really need And yes, I do believe That someday you'll be strong This lesson's meant for me The truth waits out there for me and I feel I'm near The truth waits out there for me, but I'm still in here asculta cuvinte Limp. Muzica Lesson asculta asculta versurile versuri muzica straina versuri

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