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[A phrase - Spoken] If I was the Lone Ranger Hiding behind a mask Wouldn't be any danger To the questions I ask What ya say Pocahontas Trade in your feathers and beads For an electric blanket And a packet of cigs You bet That's what she said If I had me a needle For every bubble that popped Bind them all up like one You would hear that pin drop Like a gun shot Like a shot And if I was a world leader Would not mislead the world I would not miss anything Miss America knows That it's only a pageant That it's only a show Isn't even film in the camera These aren't even my clothes No no no no Miss America knows Ah ooh ooh You remember Houdini Who not a shackle could hold Carved a trap door into heaven To escape growin' old Guess he just couldn't hack it Bundled up for the cold Double-breasted straightjacket French handcuffs of gold No no no no He escaped growin' old The growing old Oh oh oh

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