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Ooh Jambalaya Ooh Jambalaya It was muggy July around supper time When I pulled into New Orleans I got dropped off at South Rampart Street I was hungry for a plate of greens I made my way down the banquette Where I could see an open door And overhead a sign made of painted pine read The Dixie Drug Store Peppers and roots were hanging From the rafters above There were oils and sprays all on display For money luck and for love I reached down to pick one up When a dark hand grabbed my arm And before I could see just who it was She said you don't want that charm Ooh Jambalaya The last man to walk that thing out of here Just up and disappeared Found his wallet and his wingtip shoes Near a tombstone down in Algiers What you need my travelling friend Is a place to wash your jeans And I wouldn't be the least surprised If you were hungry for a plate of greens She beckoned me on up the stairs For she'd done made up her mind Said take off your hat and kick off your boots And leave your pride behind Ooh Jambalaya She took me down to a secret place In the bayou of her blankets She offered to share her bourbon I thanked her then I drank it Thru a small crack in the ceiling Burst the Louisiana moon It shone down on our bodies And we began to croon Like a couple of coyotes We were howling thru the night And I swear they were a beatin' those Congo drums outside Ooh Jambalaya We laughed until the mornin' By then my pants had dried I picked up my hat and pulled on my boots And I gathered up my pride I figured she had done stepped out I didn't see her anywhere And I set out to find her I headed on downstairs Got down to the bottom I couldn't believe my eyes Gone were all the bottles And the remedy supplies Ooh Jambalaya I shouted out for Marie I darted out the door An old man on the wooden porch said What you in there for Son you got no business The hoodoo store's been closed Long as I remember A century I suppose But Mister I just spent the night With a young gal named Laveau He said the Widow Paris Done had a little laugh on you I said you mean to tell me That was the voodooin' He nodded yes none other The Queen of New Orleans Ooh Jambalaya [Scraps of phrases - Till the end] Ooh Jambalaya Ooh Jambalaya Ooh Jambalaya Ooh Jambalaya Ooh Jambalaya

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