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Slavishly conform To the system's norms And if you know what's best Don't stand out from the rest Sheeplike mentality Oppressing you and me Braindead fools Taunted you at school But gingerheads are good in bed And carrot tops know how to rock Conformist system we must smash Hear our rockin' readhead thrash The abuse and ridicule of those Of different physical appearance is symptomatic Of a sick system bent on enforcing Conformity and suppressing the individual NO! Ginger Liberation For kids of all nations Open your eyes wide Strike a blow for redhead pride GINGE LIB NOW!

Ultima melodie melodia mp3 Oi Polloi muzica straina melodiei versuri piesa asculta versuri GLF. Mp3 melodia ultima melodie melodia versurile ultima melodie cuvinte cuvinte.

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