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Versuri Victim Of A Chemical Spillage

Safety rules - corners cut Just to keep the profits up Money saved - profits rise But consequence is someone dies Victim of a chemical spillage Safety regulations breached Critical concentrations reached Money is saved but a live is lost Loved ones left to count the cost Tanker crashin the village Death could from the spillage No escape from the fumes Peoples' homes become their tombs In the face of corporate greed Ecodefence is what we need Read and act upon this text Or you become the next victim of a chemical spillage Never forget that one thing that motivates big business is profit. As far as the multinationals are concerned, there is nothing that they will not destroy in their insane drive for increased takings: forests, meadows, rivers, the sea - even their own employees are all seen as expedable. This kind of omnicidal madness is killing our Earth and can only be stopped by mass direct action. Anyone who advocates this of course is branded as an extremist - Yet what could be more extreme than the mass poisoning and polluting of our planet, the destruction of huge areas of rainforest and the wholesale slaughter to extinction of vast numbers of species of animals? It's time to stand up and be counted - If you're not part of the solution. You're part of problem. No compromise on defence of our Earth

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