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Versuri Fuel For Hatred

Scornful, relentless memory Ripped of all but drive Undressed by betrayal Zero tolerance for the souldead Wish I was the violence, inflicted upon you Fuel for Hatred, air raid siren to mankind Little you, still like a claw in my eye Pulsating organic rage I should have let you off of the hook Mind drifts into dynamic pain Universal onslaught I'm on my own (One soul, one hate) Fuel for Hatred, air raid siren to mankind Damnation, holocaust Devil horns for you to ride Time for the angel to spread his wings and fly World opponent, wishmaster of gruesome pain Stormtroops' frantic fury, demoniac spitfire! Abortion of religious life, distinguish the rot I hate you to a level of intoxication Don't feel alone, I've got enough I wish you slow death, slow death by grinding Fuel for Hatred, air raid siren to mankind

Versuri melodiei mp3 muzica straina Satyricon cuvinte. Fuel For Hatred piesa cantece versurile asculta versuri cuvintele piesa ultima melodie descarca piesa.

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