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Versuri Black Lava

Grey heavens, no light shed Bleak day, change is ahead Oval mountainside, naked cold Unreleased powers, no fright Slide down sorrow, smell what comes with the breeze Cold chambers, punishment awaits Hollow tone haunts, anticipation's choir sings Turn around, face the depth of inner sanctum Autumn in the air, (the) smell of Black Metal 90-95 World moves, in mysterious ways Body onwards, mind drifts You die, then we hail (to our relief) New age dawns Face all wrath Sickness; won't understand, Burning first Grace falls Volcano shaking Fates are being sealed Heavens blunder, no turning back Will you or will you not to heroism walk Black Lava, drifting down the mountainside Black Lava, you can't fight Pernicious flow, redemptive perpetuity Unholy drive, the gods arrogant grin If my world's a joke, do you see them smile? Hellbound me - on a throne of gold Wastelands prey on dying cattle Desert sucks on poor man's thirst Glimpse of glory, walk ahead Slaves of Nazareth, can not be fed Black Lava, drifting down the mountainside Black Lava, you can't fight

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