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[Busta Rhymes] Busta Rhymes, the place to be Flipmode Squad, entirety With the God, Cormega No fucking deals, we gets biz like that Stack bills, y'all niggas chill One time, QB, yeah my nigga Cormega Busta Rhymes, real MC's What the fuck, chill y'all niggas will watch From above, up in the heavens, Busta Rhymes, and Cormega It's about approximately seven o'clock Its get busy while niggas is still riding the jock Yeah my gock, stay on cock What the fuck you looking at black? Relax, chill with all that I'm saying though Its gets busy with the wild flow Busta Rhymes, gets busy, and digging 40 below While you shoveling snow We freestyle and having a good time Busta Rhymes, my nigga named Cormega Lets have a seat and play a game of, uh. Sega Genesis, we gets busy from here to Nemesis It comes through like this While all them other niggas is diminishing and blemishing We come through with the rhymes, and we still finishing The whole show at the end of the night Niggas don't feel right, niggas is moving uptight Fuck the bullshit, I'm coming through my shit is out of sight Play out in tomorrows, while niggas is driving fly cars Motherfucker, we driving fat bottles at the bar Niggas can't see me and the mega, is superstars Now what the fuck is here, Busta Rhymes living legend, dairy Cormega, it's very necessary, that we school niggas Drop jewels on niggas, fools out of niggas We play em like that, word is born Guess we comes down like this Have fun mega, show them niggas deal shit [Cormega] Yo son, we need the silence Yo shit is real I can't escape the violence In my sleep, I see jail cells in Gator Island My greatest challenge, to analyze, like I'm weighing ounces Lounging in a rover, on a Jamaican island I kick the potent grammar, flow like, coke you bag up I told my son in mart nine to blow your man up My hand to hand soldiers, rep ill If my words don't affect you, then death will Mega Montana, for real, say hello to the bad guys This Busta Rhymes, Mega shit is madd fly, and I Keep my heater on standby The nine millimeter shine, kill or be killed You fuck me you die, you fuck me you die, you fuck me you'll die I don't trust a nine, but a I love my nigga Busta Rhymes [Busta Rhymes] Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Right through the door, the ambassador Busta Rhymes will make all you niggas fall on the floor Catch a heat stroke, Busta Rhymes is still provoke Niggas will choke off my black smoke, what the fuck Niggas don't really want the noise, its Busta Rhymes I make noise, for all the little girls and boys To enjoy when I speak It's Busta Rhymes, and I get down every single day of the week Motherfuckers talk that bullshit, shit still sound weak What the fuck you dealing wit? Niggas is bustin' nuts all over your families Its Busta Rhymes, and I come through, and I defy gravities Niggas can not see the technology It's Busta Rhymes, my shit is advanced, take one chance My shit is like CD's enhanced It's a breakthrough, what the fuck is the deal My rhyme skill, is so ill, niggas better chill Busta Rhymes coming through for real, Cormega.. [Cormega] What up my nigga? [Busta Rhymes] We had fun [Cormega] Yeah, It's like that, you don't stop [Busta Rhymes] Then we back niggas guns [Cormega] Yeah, Yeah, It's like that and you don't stop My nigga Busta Rhymes kicking from the bottom to the top In the studio live, me and my niggas lied My and my nigga Busta rep'n since 9-5 Cause 95, that's the year a nigga like me arrived On the streets I was locked down, doing my time I see my nigga Busta in the studio, he like yo Your shit is peace God, I'm like peace, I like you too bro Ever since then, we've been cool like Hennessey, and Remi And rhyme is like extremity I'm in the studio, kicking the rhyme again, I'm divine again With my black notebook, and ill fucking Heineken My nigga motherfucker Busta, the Rhyme Yo, shit is real God Peace, love, divine (Word is born) [Busta Rhymes] It was a nice little moment We just coming through breezing, like sea breeze on niggas No doubt, we throw niggas on grills and barbeque there ass Real hot for the 9-7, Cormega back on the streets, nigga What the fuck is the deal with all y'all Niggas getting a little sneak previews on how the climate might change Fuck is the problem? Stay focused before you miss out on the God Violator family like, y'all niggas get familiar with it Aiight, chill asculta Cormega versuri asculta mp3. Versuri album album versurile descarca Freestyle piesa descarca descarca piesa muzica straina.

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