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[Cormega] Yo, its night time I can't sleep My pens beggin' me to write rhymes Cory's a felony despite time I erase the urge on the tip of my tongue I taste the words a story is born, my glorious song Hip hop cannot ignore me for long I know her last man abused her, I can't refuse her Alotta niggas used her, treated her like shit even confused her She had class now she sellin it all for cash When Marley had her, her face was more pure body fatter Primo treated her good, made her the queen in my hood She used to be out in Queens with DMC And on the rooftp with Big, Fritz, and R.P. She was fly she kept her shit tight Yo if he didn't go to jail dun, she mighta been Slick Rick's wife Disappeared a few years, she was Stranded On Death Row Dre had her on anotha level in the west coast She met a lame with with a drug dealer name He had a lot for a while, then his whole style changed You know the wisdom is reflected the knowledge when its manifested If not fed in due time the mind is anerexic You understand the message I know I'm gettin to deep for some Rhyme -- Uncut raw, the beat numb Back to the subject in hand, I called her and said I miss her Stop fuckin with my fake crew cuz they dissed her Then along came the R, reminding her of her essence Rza said she like a sister blessin her with lessons She was stressed because she missed Pac She still crying after B.I.G. died askin 'when will this shit stop?' I love her like a mother, my physical path She even overlooked the fact about my criminal past And stayed with me in jail beyond gates visitors passed No longer is she lettin niggas fuck her just for cash Whats her name dun? *Echoed*

Muzica straina American Beauty melodia cuvintele. Cormega versuri asculta ultima melodie album descarca cuvinte versurile melodiei versuri.

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