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Somethings changing in my mind I'm looking for a key You came through but just passed by Gave me enough to see I'm looking for no other guy I'll search until I find Thinkin' of just you and I You and I [Chorus:2x] Do you wanna, wanna know how How it's all gon', gonna go down I believe that, me and you can Get together, we can be that Patiently I'm waitin' for (I'm waitin' for) you to notice me I know you have what you don't know (You just don't know) How deep are my feelings It's something that I just can't hide (I just can't hide) I'll just push it aside So won't you just give me a try (Give me a try) Me a try [Chorus:2x] [Rap] You could take me, mate me Please don't break me Wanna have it together so we can rock daily This beautiful site in front of my eyes Got me up in a sweat, breakin' out in hives Had to swallow my pride, couldn't let him go by So I step to my Benz, let him know what it is In the future maybe we could have some kids But for now let's get to know each other And just live [Bridge] My feelings are to strong to hide anymore So I let you know (let you know) I'm dealing wit' my heart not pride I need more so I let it show (let it show) If you wanna be by my side, maybe don't hide It's you and I (you and I) [Chorus:2x]

Versuri album muzica cantece For keeps versurile cuvintele. Versuri album Lumidee album melodiei ultima melodie muzica straina.

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