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You know exactly what to say When I'm tryin' to get my way You know exactly what to do To shut up my point of view. Me bein' happy just feels strange And I can see it in your face It bothers you to see me smile I guess you'd rather see me die. Chorus x2 It's hard enough to ease the pain When you're not willin' to change Placin' all the blame on my So hard to find the air to breathe. It's somethin' that just gets inside Of me that I can't even hide It's breakin' me down piece by piece How could you make me feel so weak? I can't remember what's in love 'Cause me and you know that's not us There ain't no kisses or no hugs So what's the point we dun' gave up? Chorus x2 Bridge x2 Why? When I touch you, you push me aside Feelin' that you don't wanna try Any kind of love you deny. Chorus x2

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