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Versuri First Lullaby

(Cretu/Gad - Cretu/Hirschburger) Evening sun is going down Out on the ocean Wind is blowin round and round And this is your home It's our home now Here's the place we go to sleep And here is your garden I've got one arm for each of you One lullaby for two Now it's time to close our eyes Dream and have no fear The monster's gone he's on the run And your mom is here It's your lullaby There will be joy and there'll be pain You will find out it's just the same This is your life that now begins Here you belong my pair of twins Will you be patient with your mom Some day you'll follow up the sun I'll be forever by your side And you will hear from time to time Your first lullaby cantece versuri descarca muzica straina muzica cuvinte. melodiei melodiei cuvintele mp3 Sandra versuri First Lullaby.

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