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(Cretu/Peterson - Cretu/Hirschburger) (A: Cold Out Here) darkness forever neverending night flame in the ashes water turns to ice oh it's cold out here it's cold out here (B: I'm Alive) wake up to the break of day wake up from a dream world outside is dark and grey no one in the streets can you hear me i'm alive don't know where you've been last night don't know where to go i hope that you're alright walk an endless road can you see me i'm alive can you hear me i'm alive (C: Paintings) paintings in yellow sun in the night dream of life will this dream come true some day paintings in yellow believe me when i say don't know how but i try to make you see (D: Come Alive) dreamin the impossible cryin for the moon i keep the dream alive i know you'll learn this too can you see me come alive can you hear me come alive (E: The End) darkness is over light is in your eyes i hear your laughter lyin by your side won't be cold in here won't be cold in here

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