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war, welcome to war, the garden of war, can you smell war, can you taste hate, no release from hate, psychological hate, can you tolerate hate look at the devastation, fear of annihilation happening right before my eyes now that the end is near, tell me what I'm doing here, looking for answers from the divine flesh, welcome to flesh, the garden of flesh, can you smell flesh, can you taste blood, welcome to blood, the garden of blood, can you taste blood I don't want to kill anymore, I won't kill the sky above is raining red from a hundred thousand dead but the general wants a hundred thousand more move out and take that hill, the order is to maim and kill it's time for us to even up the score as I race into the fire, I have only one desire let me see the light, another day bombs bursting all around, shell-shocked as I hit the ground I struggle to my knees and start to pray can't tell if my brothers breathing, and I just can't stop the bleeding I am my mothers' only son torture, welcome to the torture torture, the garden of torture, can you smell torture, can you taste pain, no release from pain, psychological pain, can you tolerate pain

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