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What I know of you I've only seen on the T.V. heard on the radio or read in the news there's nothing else to see or to hear about in your defense the verdict's in the word is out we know about you and you have no voice you have no choice you could build yourself a fortress but you can't talk to me and there's no way it's gonna go away while the news of your success is right in front of me make your bed lie in it don't complain we're the same or are we you grew up way too fast and the spotlight was as hot as you our interest only fed by you you're bigger than life accountability to me is your every sacred privacy and who you know and where you eat are noted and key where did you come from are you real? how did you get this much appeal? a modern god we follow you where do you start and do you end are you a part of our pretend a modern god we follow you cuvintele piesa ultima melodie Entertainer muzica straina ultima melodie melodiei. Asculta album cuvintele cantece versuri cuvinte Limp melodia versuri.

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