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Versuri Ease Your Feet In The Sea

Ease you're feet off in the sea My darling it's the place to be Take your shoes off curl your toes And I will frame this moment in time Troubles come and troubles go The trouble that we've come to know Will stay with us till we get old Will stay with us till somebody decides to go Decides to go Soberly, without regret, 1 make another sandwich And I fill my face, 1 know that things have got to you But what can 1 do? Suddenly, without a warning On a pale blue morning You decide your time is wearing thin A conscious choice to let yourself go dangling Hovering It's an emergency There's no more wait and see Maybe if I shut my eves Your trouble will be split between us People come and people go You're scouring everybodies face For some small flicker of the truth To what it is that you are going through, my boy I left you dry The signs were clear that you were not going anywhere Anywhere Save for a falling down Everything's going wrong Later on, as I walked home The plough was showing, and orion 1 could see the house where you lived I could see the house where you gave All your time and sanity to people Then you waited for the people to acknowledge you They spoke in turn But their eyes would pass over you Over you Who's seeing you at all? Who's seeing You at all?

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