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What was it I saw in New York? I'm not the same anymore How will I hide these feelings inside Call my girl on the phone Neon lights shine bright Taxi cabs glide by Aeroplanes they fly, high up in the sky Pretty girl says Hi... What's the worst job you've had? What do you read? What's driving you mad? Met the cigarette girl- took a note of her charms But no cigar Met the Indie-Cool Queen Took me out of the bar And showed me the scene My little girl I can't find She's five hours behind It's the singer not the song Something's gone wrong Said the spider to the fly Do I like this girl? It's such a big world 1 like the tone of her voice I loved the sound of her voice When I get back to London from outer space Will it fall into place? I'll hold onto my smile Find my girl in a while Look myself in the face Don't know what you see Am I playing in your movie? You're in my magazine Are you talking to me? CHICKFACTOR versurile mp3 piesa muzica straina cuvinte. Belle And Sebastian Chickfactor versuri muzica versuri ultima melodie.

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