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I think I'm headed for a terrible accident. Made more plans than anyone who ever paid their rent. I'm not stupid and I might be havin' too much pride. Surgeon general has determined that I may as well die. Jesus are you watching or have you gone blind. Evil souls are upon us and we're surely runnin' out of time. CHORUS I tried religion and some holy roller steals my tenth. In the grave yard I ain't strong enough to jump the fence. Some men they say they got more soul than both my shoes. Makes me wonder can we ever stop payin' dues. I might be workin' on a scene that I can never act. Everybody's gonna think that my mind is cracked. I don't care because it's my right to win or lose. Makes me wonder can we ever stop payin' dues. Crazy, am I crazy for wanting so much more. My mind says I can't ever give up but I still can't be sure. CHORUS Can we ever stop payin' dues. Can we ever stop payin' dues. Can we ever stop payin' dues.

Cuvinte cantece piesa piesa. Dues melodiei mp3 cantece muzica straina descarca asculta versuri Grand Funk Railroad versuri asculta.

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