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Had me a woman down in Tennessee Boy she used to love me Free fever got me and I had to go I never seen that woman no more New York City is a place I been I was there one time with a travellin' band Young girl there wanted me to stay I think she wanted me to pay Roll it out, roll it in Here we go down the road again Drifters life is a drifters wife Don't say I didn't tell you so Travellin' man now he don't know Only what he hears on the radio Politics and money don't bother him Only good lookin' women and a bottle of gin Portland, Oregon, to the Mexican line Boy let me tell you the women are fine If you don't hang around there very long They'll never ever know you're gone melodiei muzica straina versuri cantece melodia piesa melodiei Drifters Wife descarca descarca J. J. Cale melodiei versuri versurile.

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