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Versuri Do It To Me

Girl, you're such a bad thing Standing there all alone Looking so good to me baby Can't do no wrong (Hey, baby) Put your arms around me Set my world on fire There ain't never gonna be nobody like you baby Honey, that's no lie (hey, honey) You put that spell on me I'll tell you, honey You know you set me free Hey, little girl you know my hearts desire Come on and give it to me, baby I can't deny ya! Hey, hey, what I'm sayin' is - Do it to me one more time Oh, give you one more chance This heart of mine Do it to me one more time, baby Can't get enough Do It To Me mp3 mp3 asculta. Melodiei cuvinte cuvintele Pop versuri cuvintele muzica Lionel Richie muzica straina melodia versuri

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